TGH’s First Magazine Article In 2008

TGH’s First Magazine Article In 2008

It seems like an eternity ago, but the first ever article that our TGH team put together was way back in 2008. The print magazine was Sand Addiction, and the article had to do with one of our founder’s favorite motorsports shows on the planet – the annual Sand Sports Super Show in Costa Mesa, CA.

The story was long, so we won’t bore you with the details. However, we can tell you that Casey’s start in the off-road journalism industry stemmed from one simple question. So, kids and adults alike, what’s keeping you from asking one question today? Obviously it takes a bit more than just asking the question… You have to meet or know the right people. But, it’s never too late (or early for that matter) to start asking questions. There’s a reason the saying, “ask and you shall receive” is the basis of so many people’s successful careers.

The off-road industry isn’t for everyone, and that is why today’s team at TGH Creative is so diverse. We are loving being in the outdoor market as much as we are involved in the off-road market. Every project reminds us of our roots when it all started at Casey’s young age of 18.

Yes, this is a throwback article, but it’s also an encouragement out there for all aspiring young business people to get out there and see if you can meet the right people in the world. The main things to remember are: Never be afraid to ask questions and Always chase your dreams! Start by setting goals that you can feasible knock off each and every day. In other words, make them attainable. Little goals are great, and sites like this have great goal setting advice. And, when you really hone in on what your business is going to look like and what you want to do with it, make a 5-year and 10-year plan so you can stay on track. The “plan” can morph over time based on your newfound business knowledge and experiences that you acquire, but make sure you stick to doing something everyday to move yourself in the direction of your dreams!

Thank you for reading! We’ll be in touch with more of our first articles from wayyyyyy back in the day, soon…

Team TGH

The TGH Creative Editorial team is known by our trademark of being an Enthusiasts First™ band of individuals who live and breathe powersports and automotive industries. We are highly skilled in producing content (editorial, photography, videography, and much more...), managing event activations for multiple industries (powersports, automotive, construction, and many more...), and managing press relations initiatives for small and large companies alike. Contact us today to take your next activation to higher levels!

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