Haydays 2019 In Photos

Haydays 2019 In Photos

Holy smokes, what a year! Haydays is always a spectacular event with 10’s of thousands of people walking through the entrance gates, countless products on sale, and every possible type of business in attendance. Not only is the event a great place for the snowmobile community, but it is also a great place for the off-road enthusiast. This dual purpose layout has really turned the tide for Haydays as one of the truly elite events in the USA. 

Haydays will always be one of our favorite events for many years, including all of the aforementioned things that make this event great. 

The 2019 edition was especially great. There were product launches galore from all of the biggest names in the snowmobile community, including Ski Doo, Yamaha, FXR, and so many more. There were celebrity sightings all over the place, too!

Snowmobilers are a very smart bunch, and they know their specs. This year, countless new sleds have been unleashed on the market, and Haydays allowed buyers to see the latest and greatest from Arctic Cat, Ski Doo, Yamaha, and Polaris. All of these brands had massive displays of their snow products, along with their off-road lineups. 

For those looking for a bit of old school nostalgia or just a massive array of snowmobile parts, the Haydays swap meet is a great time for everyone. Countless people camp on the grounds to sell their parts, sleds, memorabilia, and many other snow items. The parties in the swap area are nuts, too. Essentially, the swap area is something you have to experience in your life. 

If you’re not into the swap or the manufacturer displays, there are countless other vendors in attendance. There are companies selling gear (tons of gear!), apparel, performance modifications, accessories, and SO much more. Plus, the food at Haydays is much better than fair food… Just saying! 

This event came and went all too soon for us, but we’ll always remember Haydays as a special one. Here’s to the 2020 event, which is poised to be bigger and better than ever. We’ll see you there!

You can check out more details on the HAYDAYS WEBSITE

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