UTV Action Web Feature On Everyone’s Favorite RedNek

UTV Action Web Feature On Everyone’s Favorite RedNek

Web-Based Editorial and Pictorial on Hubert Rowland’s Race UTVs

Hubert Rowland, Everyone’s Favorite RedNek and star from the Nitro Circus franchise, has taken his thrill-seeking attitude to the UTV race scene. Launching several years ago, he made his case for a full race program in 2018. To do this, Hubert built two specific race UTVs to compete at both King of the Hammers and the Best In The Desert racing series.

Check out the article on his UTV builds on UTV Action’s website with this link: https://utvactionmag.com/everyones-favorite-rednek-goes-racing/ 

UTV Action has a mega presence in the UTV industry, with large followings and numbers on social media, on their web-based channels, and in their print magazine. Our team is thrilled to work with this entity and push out the content produced with our friend and media superstar, Hubert.

If you’d like more information on Hubert and the great things that he is doing in the off-road industry, including the launch of his all-new safety program, click this link: http://huberttrax.com/2017/

As always, thank you for everyone’s support, and please support Hubert on his endeavors!

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