UTV Guide Article: 2019 Honda Talon Preview

UTV Guide Article: 2019 Honda Talon Preview

First Look on UTVGuide.net: 2019 Honda Talon

The all-new Honda Talon has been blowing up the internet, and our first look on UTVGuide.net is an in-depth preview of a machine that will be on sale in the spring time of 2019. We can’t wait to get behind the wheel of this machine, mainly because it looks like it’s a venerable force in the industry.

The Honda Talon will be available in two variations, either the 1000R or the 1000X. It’s powered by a twin cylinder engine, and the power is routed to the ground via a DCT (Dual Clutch) Transmission. You can bet at the Honda Talon will have oodles of durability and quality built into the machine.


Big Thank You to UTVGuide.net for the opportunity to cover this event for them!

utvguide.net preview of the Honda talon

UTVGuide.net Honda Talon Preview

And, if you can’t wait to read the article, here are a bunch of photos of the all-new Honda Talon family. Enjoy! 

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