Yamaha Wabash eBike Review on Cycle World

Yamaha Wabash eBike Review on Cycle World

February and March 2019 have been 2 hectic months, but content creating on the road is one of the great joys in life, at least for the TGH Creative team!

Among many work trips this month, we ventured to the beautiful coastal mountains of San Marcos, CA to join the team at Yamaha Bicycles for a first ride of their all-new gravel eBike, the Yamaha Wabash! The Yamaha bicycle team deemed this portion of the eBike market to be the next best spot for them to release a bicycle. After riding this gravel bike, which is complete with their electric assist battery pack and seamless PWSeries motor, we agree that this is a wonderful bike for this market with so many positives and just a few things that we were getting picky about…

READ THE FULL REVIEW, HERE: https://www.cycleworld.com/riding-yamahas-all-new-wabash-gravel-ebike

We are thankful for our partners at Yamaha Bicycles, FXR Outdoors, and many more for making this trip possible!

Check back in the next few months as we unveil more stories on this all-new Yamaha Wabash…

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