The Launch of TGH Creative

TGH Creative… It’s a long story really, but we’ll save those details for another time.


For now, we’ll focus on the facts about TGH:

  • We are Creativity-Focused – It’s not often that you can find a company like TGH. In fact, we are unlike any Creative company because of our extensive history in multiple industries, including marketing, press relations, and sales. Our focus these days is on the creative side of things, like…
  • EDITORIAL WORK – including but not limited to those editorial items for various outdoor and off-road magazines and websites, blog content generation, and the development of content for your business brochure text
  • PHOTOGRAPHY – studio, lifestyle, and location photography are all our specialties
  • VIDEOGRAPHY – small production videos either in the studio or out in a lifestyle setting
  • PRESS RELATIONS – full management from the drafting of press releases to the full management of product unveilings that include many press personnel from a vast array of industries
  • EVENT ACTIVATIONS – including event staffing, promotional models, and event management for a business with 1 staffer or 50+ staffers


In a nutshell, TGH Creative has assembled a team of people all across North America. We can pump out editorial content within hours, put together Photography and Video assets with an organization and creative passion that is second to none, and we can handle any event all across North America.

Thank you for looking up with TGH Creative – we look forward to helping you achieve your business goals now and well into the future!

Are you ready to take the next step and work with a premier creative agency to promote your business?! Contact Us to take that next step

Team TGH
[email protected]

The TGH Creative Editorial team is known by our trademark of being an Enthusiasts First™ band of individuals who live and breathe powersports and automotive industries. We are highly skilled in producing content (editorial, photography, videography, and much more...), managing event activations for multiple industries (powersports, automotive, construction, and many more...), and managing press relations initiatives for small and large companies alike. Contact us today to take your next activation to higher levels!

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